Beauty and the braid

Braids are growing in popularity, and for some students, they’ve become a necessity to every day life–especially after those all nighters. From runways to sports events, even for the walks to the University of Idaho Commons, braids are popping up everywhere. Learn three popular braids now with this quick and easy tutorial. Getting ready for……

Throwback style

Fashion trends fluctuate, but Ray Ban-style sunglasses have been a summer staple since their introduction in 1937, and the University of Idaho is no exception.

Television style icons

University of Idaho sophomore Rendel Jones said he models his personal wardrobe after that of blonde-haired lady’s man Barney Stinson from CBS television hit “How I Met Your Mother.”

Website roundup

Bikes + Babes This Tumblr features so many old-school bicycles–and I’ll be honest–because I ride a baby pink and light green ‘70s Schwinn, I have a huge weakness for a cute old-school bicycles.

Flirty and the ’50s

The flirty ‘50s have made an appearance in clubs and streets, hidden behind red lips and a curvy class that women have neglected for the past decade. Helping to readjust the public’s focus on womanly figures in contemporary fashion, the knee length dresses and wavy locks are back.