Nina Rydalch

Playing make believe — “Wendy and Peter” brings play to the theater

The University of Idaho Theatre Department’s “Wendy and Peter: Into Neverland” is filled with playfulness and child-like creativity. With bedsheets and cardboard, directors Christina Holaday and Keely Ogden-Wright imbue the production with childlike qualities that grow stronger as the play progresses. The set itself, simple, with sheets hanging like wings to a center stage window,……

‘The best opera in the region’

Opera is not only for the big cities and grand opera houses of the past. This weekend, the University of Idaho’s Lionel Hampton School of Music presented two Puccini one-acts Friday and Sunday in the Administration Auditorium. Both of the operas were performed in English, rather than the traditional Italian. “We try to choose pieces……

Science on the town — Science After Hours provides a platform for students, faculty to share research

When people think of science, they might picture white lab coats and periodic tables. To those not within the lab world, new studies often go unnoticed. Science After Hours, a program hosted by volunteers at the Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute, connects the community with research from scientists and organizations in the region. This includes research from……