What is love? — From science to gut feelings, love takes many forms

What is love? Baby don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt me, no more. We have all heard this catchy song at some point in our lives, but do we know the answer to this question? With Valentine’s Day dominating the store shelves and social media platforms, love is on everyone’s mind. True love is looking into […]

Oh romeo, romeo — help?

How to create a successful Valentine’s Day from a female perspective Valentine’s Day can be tricky. The simple days of handing out cheesy cardstock valentines to everyone in the class are over. For those in long-term relationships, new relationships or what I like to call the “what are we?” relationships, Valentine’s Day holds, in one way or another, some sort […]

Arts & Entertainment

Included as the out crowd — LGBTQA students reflect on community stereotypes

For the gay and lesbian community, portrayals of homosexuality in the media are a mixed bag. Television and film writers either accurately capture what members of the community feel, or they botch gay characters by oversimplifying their issues. Negative portrayals of gay or lesbian characters in mainstream pop culture boil down to simple stereotypes of […]

A world of heroes — A mobile update for a Nintendo classic

Almost two weeks after its release, Fire Emblem Heroes has still kept me entertained. For anyone who has played Nintendo games, the tactical role-playing Fire Emblem franchise has been a constant presence across several platforms. From Gameboy Advances, to Gamecube, to Wii and with the latest, to the 3DS, Fire Emblem has evolved and changed. […]

Getting down and nerdy — Nerdology touring event comes to campus

Vandal Entertainment brought the popular touring trivia event Nerdology to the Vandal Ballroom for a night of games, trivia and prizes from the Vandal Store Thursday. The event, hosted by Byron Kennerly and Matt Gerard, engaged the crowd with pop culture trivia and quiz challenges, such as naming all of the core classes in “Harry […]