Duty dancing — ASUI votes Dance Marathon as main fall philanthropy

After some debate, the ASUI Senate decided to designate Dance Marathon as their permanent fall philanthropy Wednesday in order to establish consistency and further the event’s success. ASUI Pro-Tempore Mattie Cupps said each semester ASUI must hold a philanthropy event so the organization can be “more visible in the Moscow area.” As the senate’s pro-tempore, […]

Denim for days — Denim Day shines light on sexual assault awareness

Shades of light and dark blue denim filled the Idaho Commons Wednesday. Jeans, jackets and any article of clothing composed of denim flourished through the halls as University of Idaho students, faculty and staff joined together to stand in solidarity with a rape victim. In response to the 1999 Italian Supreme Court case, that was ruled […]


Wringing students dry — Hefty tuition proposal highlights Oquestionable path for UI

One of the primary considerations for high school seniors in their college search is the affordability of an undergraduate education. The University of Idaho has long served as an attractive option for high schoolers in the Northwest due to its relatively low cost and status as a land grant institution. Many Vandal students choose to attend school […]

What makes a mom — Mothers can come in different forms

In my last two years as a college student, I have learned — slowly but surely — how to be an adult of sorts without my mom by my side. Don’t get me wrong, there have been countless phone calls regarding the simple things like recipes, laundry and birthday reminders. I’ve also spent endless hours venting, […]

Arts & Entertainment

Topical TV — TV dramas deal with real world problems

Netflix, Hulu and Amazon have made millions of hours of television available to subscribers and the population is taking advantage of the opportunity. With this new method of consumption, more and more TV shows, whether on air or online, are tackling complex subject matter to stay relevant, but reflect the troubling times the world is […]

Revamping a cult classic — “Mystery Science Theater 3000” stages a comeback

  The ‘90s cult legend “Mystery Science Theater 3000” revolutionized the concept of watching bad movies. The ever-changing crew of the Satellite of Love spent ten years lampooning the worst B-rated movies in history with rapid-fire riffing and quick-witted observations regarding the ever-present failures of those terrible films.