Genesee man accused of stabbing his ex-wife no longer faces attempted murder charge

A Genesee man was charged with aggravated battery with an enhancement for great bodily harm during a preliminary hearing Thursday in the in Latah County 2nd District Court. Eliseo DeLeon Tye was originally charged with attempted first-degree murder and burglary with the intent to commit a felony April 7, after allegedly stabbing his ex-wife, Shelby […]


Watch what you want — Choices in entertainment have evolved

It’s hard to remember a time without Netflix. Streaming sites have been churning out fantastic shows that rival Hollywood productions for years now, to the point that Netflix is now a verb. With the colossal variation in TV shows nowadays, a brand new television experience has been created — one that is driven completely by […]

Only creating noise — How much does the March for Science really help?

The March for Science witnessed droves of people come together from many backgrounds to show their distaste for the decisions that policy makers have been pushing through in recent years. President Trump has proposed a tax plan that cuts and guts many important scientific agencies. These kinds of laws and choices are traversing a treacherous […]

So long, farewell —A goodbye to the seniors of Student Media

The third floor of the University of Idaho Bruce Pitman Center is not just a cluster of hallways and rooms — it is a home, our Student Media home. This place, filled with memories and history, is also filled with our favorite people. Our time in the office — the long hours, days and nights — […]

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