Innovation through interaction — Innovation through interaction

Across from Friendship Square, where the Bare Wires played the blues for the Farmer’s market crowd, a young boy and his friends gathered around the University of Idaho College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) booth. They watched intently as a volunteer studying veterinary science at Washington State University wrapped gauze around the ankle of […]

News Brief — 8.22.17

Students and community members join together to enjoy the eclipse  Hundreds of students lined up for a chance to get their hands on viewing glasses at the Vandal Solar Eclipse Viewing Party Monday morning in anticipation of the solar eclipse. The event, hosted by the Department of Student Involvement (DSI), in partnership with the Idaho […]


Tackling syllabus week — How to make syllabus week successful and stress free

Syllabus week is arguably one of the most stressful, yet painless weeks of a college student’s semester. Much like dead week, “silly week” as it has been coined, is quite the conundrum. Some students shuffle from class to class, find a comfortable seat for the semester and then move onto the next syllabus. Other students meticulously plan out the week, nd classrooms beforehand and […]

Educational liberties — Making educational choices to meet societal expectations is no way to manage a healthy college career

When choosing which classes to take or which major to pursue, there are always external expectations of what the “best” option is. Whether it’s the choice between majoring in something in the sciences or something in the humanities, there are often certain choices that fit more comfortably in traditional perceptions of success. Generally speaking, the socially-perceived “best” option is often the […]

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“Ready Player One”

The film adaptation of Ernest Cline’s book is scheduled to be released  in  March 2018

Missing the mark

‘Valerian’ fails to develop characters’ central relationship