Women’s Center celebrates gender equality – FEMFest to talk equality on Idaho Commons Plaza

After a month of planning and preparing, the University of Idaho Women’s Center will host one of its biggest events of the year, FEMFest. The event will take place in front of the Idaho Commons Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and will feature music, balloons, free ice cream and popcorn. The event’s main […]

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Pre-Health Professions Adviser Liz Bryant discusses future course planning with sophomore biology major, pre-med focus David Richards.

Academic cheerleaders – Academic Adviser Liz Bryant is on campus to help students grow

Advisers do more than help students register for classes — they are a sounding board for future plans, a networking connection to other universities and professions and a support system for students as they navigate their college career. Elizabeth “Liz” Bryant has been with the University of Idaho for two years. In that time, she […]

Diamond Koloski | Argonaut
Junior Jena Hinman works at Starbucks regularly while attending college.


Junior Jena Hinman happily rings up an order for one of her many customers at the Starbucks on campus.

Livin’ la vida mocha – Student employee juggles fraps and class

Jena Hinman loves camping. Her coworker, Bailey Thomas said over the summer Hinman went on a camping trip for multiple weeks with friends in California. “She is all about outdoor stuff,” Thomas said. Hinman, who is a part-time student in her second year at the University of Idaho, is studying English as a second language. […]

Access to laughs – Conference and comedy show focuses on people with disabilities

The American’s with Disabilities Act became a law in 1990, but much work still needs to be done. Vikke Leeper from the Disability Action Center (DAC) in Moscow said all six of the parks in Pullman were inaccessible for people with disabilities. She said the city was unable to find their transition plan and so […]

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Pokemaniac – With almost no warning, ‘90s pokemania comes back in full swing

Pokemon Go is a hot topic among young adults and businesses. For 20-somethings, this is a throwback to childhoods filled with Ash Ketchum and the Indigo League, to Gameboy’s Pokemon Green and Red, released in Japan in 1996, or Pokemon Red and Blue released in North America in 1998. And even more so than that, […]

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21 and under – Students 21 can still indulge in night life

Unlike larger cities, Moscow has few clubs and venues that stay open into the wee hours of the night, serve alcohol, and allow for the presence of people under the age of 21. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean Moscow’s night life is exclusive to those who are of legal drinking age. Pool at Mingles Whether you’re […]

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Flags, rifles, hot dogs and politics–Come November, utilize the right to vote

Two centuries and 40 years ago, our founding fathers separated themselves from the British and the journey of America as we know it began to take form. American’s wild, often fantastical imaginations, conjure images of colonial militia fighting against the British, flags and rifles in hand, unified under one cause. Images can be found of […]


Informed, and unimpressed–Tackling the “lesser of two evils” perspective in the upcoming election

I’ve been looking forward to November 2016 for a long time — it will be the first time I can vote in a presidential election. But more important than the simple act of voting, it was supposed to be the first time I could throw my support behind a candidate I believed represented my views […]

Mix Tape: In the name of fathers

Miracle in Cell No. 7 (2013) In 1997, a mentally disabled father Jiulong Lee insists on buying a backpack of Sailor Moon for his young daughter, Yisheng. However, Jiulong is framed for a rape and murder case at the store. He cannot argue for himself and the policeman sends him to jail, cell No. 7. […]

Mix Tape: LGBT pride

“New Americana” by Halsey Halsey’s 2015 “New Americana” is the anthem to our generation. The song declares the rise of a new type of U.S. citizen. In her song, Halsey pays tribute to famous actor, James Dean, who lived from 1931 to 1955. Dean was forced to live his life as a closeted gay man. Halsey then […]

Horoscopes: June 22, 2016

Leo 7/23-8/22 Summer vacation is a good time for building up your relationship with your new boyfriend/girlfriend. Why not try to write a love letter to him/her? Sometimes the written words can play a better role than many expensive gifts. Virgo 8/23-9/22 This week, dress in a blue T-shirt with a “6” that can help […]

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Mix Tape: Make ’em all jealous

Summer can be a season where many  young men and women have doubts about themselves. They either didn”t reach their swimsuit weight or have yet to acquire the pecs of Chris Evans. However, what is important is that people everywhere love the skin they are in. These songs are all about being comfortable and being […]