Tackling the truth — Vigilant journalism is crucial in light of fake news popularity 01.23.2017

Kellyanne Conway, a counselor for President Donald Trump, stole headlines Sunday when she used the term “alternative facts” to describe inaccuracies from a White House press conference during the weekend. Although the information in question dealt with an inconsequential topic — the crowd size at Trump’s inauguration — many found Conway’s comments to be alarming. […]

Livin’ la vida mocha – Student employee juggles fraps and class 08.26.2016

Jena Hinman loves camping. Her coworker, Bailey Thomas said over the summer Hinman went on a camping trip for multiple weeks with friends in California. “She is all about outdoor stuff,” Thomas said. Hinman, who is a part-time student in her second year at the University of Idaho, is studying English as a second language. […]

Cents for sense – Barista tips fund student scholarships at VandalStore 02.18.2016

The tip jar at the VandalStore Starbucks serves a different purpose than most. Tips there are accumulated and placed into a scholarship fund for VandalStore employees. Keith McIver, VandalStore sales manager, said because of the federal funding the University of Idaho receives, it is not allowed to collect tips in the traditional sense. “It”s really […]

An amnesty need – Medical amnesty could help save lives throughout Idaho 01.21.2016

Members of ASUI have a lot on their plate this semester based on what they hope to accomplish. While the Idaho legislature is in session, ASUI lobbyist Nate Fisher will represent the University of Idaho student body while working with legislators. He will also attempt to push a bill through the legislature that would grant […]

A smile to remember 02.02.2015

Moscow community grieves loss of Daniel Shannon According to University of Idaho senior Jessie Giguiere, Daniel Shannon was a man of many talents. Giguiere remembered his discipline in both work and academics and most of all, his drive to live with passion. “Dan was a unique person,” Giguiere said. “He just had a lot of […]

ASUI to fill lobbyist position in October 09.13.2012

From among the student ranks, one person will be selected in November to represent the political agenda of the University of Idaho during the 2013 legislative session in the state capitol. 

UI student dies in rafting accident 07.24.2012

A 22-year-old University of Idaho student from Nepal died in a rafting accident on the Selway River July 21. Bishal Shrestha had been rafting with four other UI students when the raft got stuck and popped, spilling all five occupants into the river.

Take it or leave it 04.26.2012

Disclaimer: If you do not care how your money is spent, stop reading now.

Leaving an impression 04.16.2012

It is impossible to condense someone’s life into a few hundred words, but Karen Pohl’s chapter is still being written as her legacy lives on in the people who knew her.