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What is your favorite Thanksgiving food? Jalapeno poppers My cousin makes bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers and they are hands down my favorite Thanksgiving food. — Grayson Green bean casserole It’s odd because I don’t really like green beans by themselves, but throw some cream of mushroom soup and french fried onions on there and I’m […]

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What’s the best way to deal with snow? Take advantage of winter It’s a wonderful season. Have snow ball fights, go skiing and cuddle up with warm blankets and a cup of cocoa while the snow falls. — Nina Five-step program Go to YouTube, look up “log burning 8 hours,” hook laptop to the T.V., […]

Off the cuff — 10.31.2017 10.30.2017

What was your favorite childhood Halloween costume? Wizarding world One year I dressed up as Hermione Granger. My mom even knitted me a Gryffindor scarf. — Joleen Man-eating plant I was indeed a giant Venus Flytrap, complete with a home-made papier-mache head, a brown skirt pot and gloves with teeth. I won many a costume contest […]

Moscow city voter guide 10.30.2017

To read the full transcripts of the candidates’ answers click here. Deborah “Brandy” Sullivan — Four-year term  Brandy Sullivan, a commissioner on the Moscow Urban Renewal Agency (URA) and owner of One World Café, has lived in Moscow for 20 years. In her work with the URA, she has helped to support the creation of a […]

Mailbox 10.23.2017

In the Oct. 16 edition of The Argonaut, there was an article featuring our research on traumatic birth experiences and Kristin’s experience with a difficult delivery. Because there were a number of errors in the piece as published, we write this to clarify some of the content.

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What is your favorite fall activity? Mazes In Southeast Idaho, there are many options when it comes to straw and corn mazes. My favorite Halloween memories involve weaving through them with friends or family, sometimes chased by a chainsaw. — Nina Eating candy Halloween is the best excuse to eat way too much candy. — Grayson […]