| 03.21.2018

Editorial Board

Celebrate Earth Day by saving the Earth

On Earth Day, the world celebrates the environment and the ways it can be protected. University of Idaho students and Moscow residents tend to have a unique connection with the wilderness. To protect that connection, it is vital that people band together to make a difference. No one person can single-handedly save the environment, but……

The benefits of consistency – The problems facing contingent faculty need to be addressed

Budgeting a university isn”t an easy task, and it”s understandable that the University of Idaho”s administration would try to save money whenever possible. According to a Human Resources report, more than 30 percent of UI”s faculty are contingent, which means they are temporary employees hired and fired by pre-determined durations. The inconsistent employment prevents contingent……

Taking the time after tragedy – After the loss of a Vandal family member comes a time of remembrance and appreciation

Almost everyone at the University of Idaho knew Jace Malek”s story. Regardless of whether it was because they knew the athlete personally, most students around campus were familiar with how he came to be a Vandal. The Spokane student-athlete was diagnosed with cancer, Ewing”s sarcoma, following his decision to sign with the Vandal football team.……