The highlight of Moscow — The Farmers Market is a local favorite of the Palouse


On June 3, the Moscow Farmers Market bustled with people. Blues music played, and blissful feelings spread around. The morning was cool, with the sun shining and a small breeze blowing. The Farmers Market is a popular summer to fall tradition held on Moscow Main Street every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The event began in 1977 and hosts guests, musicians and vendors selling products ranging from produce to baked goods to soaps to crafts. Vendors are fun and friendly, with some just beginning their journey with the Moscow Farmers Market and others having been selling their products at the market for fifteen years.

Edna Neer, owner of Grandma Edna Jams n Jellies, drives two hours every weekend from Sagle, Idaho, for the Farmers Market. She began working at the Moscow Farmers Market in the fall of 2014. Neer said her favorite part of the Farmers Market is the people who come, and hopes that people will continue to keeping coming and supporting local farmers.

“We know people who come at least two or three times a summer just for the Market,” Neer said.

Leah Sempel, owner of Pokey Creek Farm in Santa, Idaho, also loves the people of the Farmers Market. Sempel grows certified organic produce and has been selling her produce for 18 years. Semple said the Moscow Farmers Market is a great market, that she can sell her produce, and that the people are open to trying her product. Like Neer, Semple’s favorite part of the market is the people.

“I can watch the babies grow, and there are a lot of good feelings,” Semple said. “I love the people supporting me.”

Kathleen Tetzlaff, owner of Sumptuous Soaps, has spent 17 years making soaps and 15 years at the Moscow Farmers Market. For Tetzlaff, the market is the main place that she sells her product. Tetzlaff’s connection with her customers is more direct, and she can receive feedback on her products, and here is a special feeling when an individual comes up and says ‘I came here just to find you.’ For Tetzlaff, as well, the best part of the market is the people and the positive environment.

“This is definitely the best market from here until the coast,” said Tetzlaff.

For Roberta O’Connor and Nigel Pickering, the Moscow Farmers Market is a fun weekly activity. The two are originally from Boston, Massachusetts, and said the market has been a wonderful pastime that they can be a part of.

“Everyone said come,” O’Connor said

Calling it a “nice focal point,” O’Connor and Pickering find the market to be great, and love the music and people. Boston has an indoor market, however, it is strictly produce.

“The people are so nice, and every few feet, you learn something new,” O’Connor said.

The Farmers Market takes place every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. this summer.

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