A-positive change 06.09.2016

May rolls around, the warm weather kicks in and school is out for summer vacation. The stress of homework and finals disappear, and worries don”t extend much further than getting a good tan. But the worry and need for blood never goes away. The American Red Cross is a nonprofit organization that operates on community […]

The trouble with dyslexia: it is more common than most people think 05.05.2016

Dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, dyspraxia, dyscalculia. These are examples of learning difficulties. Some are seen often, while others are more obscure. However, all fall under a spectrum of impairments that people all over the world live with. According to the Dyslexia Center of Utah, one in five students suffer from a language based debility. […]

Life hacks: surviving stress 04.21.2016

For most college students, finals are the most stressful time of the semester. A range of emotions can be experienced, and it can be difficult to calm down. Here are some hacks that range from stress to studying that can help any student through finals week. For studying: Chew gum while in class, studying and […]

Life hacks: finding motivation 04.07.2016

The beginner”s guide to working out College students know the struggle of finding the time and motivation to work out at the gym. Here are some hacks to use when the Rec seems a little too far away. The best time to work out is any time Studies fail to prove that any time is […]

Life hacks: curing a cold 03.31.2016

Being sick sucks, and while spring usually marks the end of cold season, we”re coming up on allergy season in Moscow. Whether you”ve caught an untimely spring fever or are sneezing at anything that blooms in your general direction, here are some life hacks to ease the inconvenience of feeling sick. Sore throat? Make some […]