The musical escape — Listening to music is healthy in more than one way 03.01.2017

Why is music so appealing? Almost everyone in the world listens to and enjoys music. It is a universal language that is mutually understood and felt. There is nothing quite like the feeling of listening to an enjoyable song. Music provides a backdrop of inspiration for creative endeavors, and motivation for all kinds of challenges. […]

Garfield comes out on top — Washington high school named winner of Saturday’s final Jazz Fest concert 02.26.2017

Garfield High School Jazz Band No. 1 from Seattle, Washington, was named the instrumental sweepstakes champion of the final Young Artist’s Winners Concert Saturday at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival. The high school instrumental division included seven jazz band performances from high schools in Canada, Idaho and Washington. Garfield performer Jonathon Sabbath said winning was […]

From acting to directing 02.21.2017

Theater students showcase directing talents  for the student directing competition

Celebrating the world music — Guest artist Magda Giannikou describes UI’s music students as excellent collaborators 02.06.2017

The fifth annual World Music Celebration opened successfully at the University of Idaho University Auditorium on Friday night. Three guest musicians Magda Giannikou, Navin Chettri and Habib Iddrisu joined in this two-day celebration. In this opening gala, Magda Giannikou, a Greek singer, songwriter, composer, pianist, and dancer, and Navin Chettri, a vocalist, composer, percussionist, and […]

The universal language — Music brings cultures together 02.03.2017

The countries of Greece, Ghana and Nepal don’t seem like they have much in common. Separated by continents, the people don’t speak the same language, and the cultures are very different, but they all share one thing — expression through music. The universal language of music connects each country, and the World Music Celebration, sponsored […]

Genuine beats — Hip-hop shows that originality comes from reshuffling ideas 01.30.2017

In 1997, a bizarre man wearing a gladiator-style mask began rapping at open mic nights all over Manhattan. He called himself Metal Face DOOM and people never saw his face or learned his real name. Hip-hop is obsessed with authenticity and narrative. Rappers broadcast their hometowns, reflect on their rise from poverty and emphasize their […]

From the heart of Denver 01.30.2017

The air is musky, the room darkened, but the stage at John’s Alley in Moscow is alight. Four young men prepare for their set, with pints of beer accompanying them on stage. The lead singer, Andy Sydow, approaches the microphone and the show begins. This Denver band featuring Andy Sydow on vocals, Seth Beamer on […]

A non-extinct band — Columbus band Digisaurus recently visited Moscow 11.28.2016

“We just try and create an extravagant party atmosphere where you can’t take our eyes off except to dance,” said Eric Groseclose, the bassist and self-described ladies man of the future-pop band Digisaurus. Digisaurus is a Columbus, Ohio, band touring across the west coast. They recently made a stop in Moscow, playing at local coffee […]

Mix Tape: In the name of fathers 07.13.2016

Miracle in Cell No. 7 (2013) In 1997, a mentally disabled father Jiulong Lee insists on buying a backpack of Sailor Moon for his young daughter, Yisheng. However, Jiulong is framed for a rape and murder case at the store. He cannot argue for himself and the policeman sends him to jail, cell No. 7. […]

Mix Tape: LGBT pride 06.23.2016

“New Americana” by Halsey Halsey’s 2015 “New Americana” is the anthem to our generation. The song declares the rise of a new type of U.S. citizen. In her song, Halsey pays tribute to famous actor, James Dean, who lived from 1931 to 1955. Dean was forced to live his life as a closeted gay man. Halsey then […]

Wanderers welcome – Wanderers” Tavern offers community atmosphere 05.05.2016

Moscow is a transient community. It is a town of wanderers, as students are constantly moving through. There is now a space just for those drifters, dreamers and doers. After nearly two years of renovation and remodeling, the Wanderers” Tavern is now open. Nicole and Thando Dzowa officially opened their new location April 1. Originally […]

School of Music absorbs Jazz Festival, looks ahead to festival reboot 04.14.2016

Things are changing for the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival. University of Idaho Human Resources Director Brandi Terwilliger confirmed Executive Director Steven Remington is no longer affiliated with the University of Idaho. This termination comes as College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences Dean Andrew Kersten and his staff begin to restructure the festival in preparation […]