| 03.19.2018

Vandals represent — Vandals should stay safe over break, represent their university with respect and compassion


The upcoming winter break gives students ample opportunity to relax, travel and have fun, but University of Idaho students should make sure to stay safe and smart while on vacation.

The Pacific Northwest can be a hazardous place to drive in winter, especially when it comes to multi-hour road trips. A driver’s first priority should be safety, not speed.      Idaho’s “Arrive Alive” campaign got its name for a reason. The most common issue is when someone doesn’t allow themselves extra time and then they force risky driving decisions to try and arrive on schedule.

Ice and snow will slow drivers down and UI students have to accept the fact that they won’t set any record times driving home for break. The Idaho and Washington Department of Transportation websites are routinely updated with road and weather conditions that can help students plan ahead for inclement weather.

Once students are off the road, they’ll likely have plenty of time to relax or party it up over break. Staying safe then is important too, just as it is all year. Just because someone doesn’t have class for a week doesn’t make alcohol poisoning any more enjoyable.

Many UI students will spend their break far from Moscow, which means they will be surrounded by people who aren’t Vandals. Students represent the university whether they’re wearing Idaho gear or not, and people will draw conclusions about UI based on the actions of those students. Make sure to represent UI as the respectful, compassionate university it is.

This is especially important during the Dec. 22 Famous Idaho Potato Bowl at Albertsons Stadium. Boise State University doesn’t usually interact with Vandals, let alone the thousands that will show up for the football game. This is an opportunity for Idaho students, alums and families to demonstrate the true Vandal spirit and dispel any misconceptions of nastiness and inebriation BSU folks may have.

UI has been quiet in Southern Idaho in recent years. Rarely do the athletic teams compete and the universities rarely collaborate. This is a chance to market UI to Boise area and remind folks of the world-class education they can receive here. The Potato Bowl is also being broadcast nationally on ESPN and will be the only bowl game that day, which means UI will reach a massive nationwide audience. Vandals can show the country what makes this community great.

Wherever a student goes for break, they should be safe and smart. Don’t die, don’t start any fights on the football field and please, represent this wonderful university with class and showcase who the Vandals really are.

— JO

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