| 03.19.2018

Our View

Speak up, speak out The latest mass shooting in Florida shows the young, student voice should be the leading voice in the gun control debate

Our current editorial staff has been producing editorials for just half a year now. This editorial will become our third piece on gun violence and our fifth piece on safety when gun violence is present. Something is wrong, and students of all ages are taking notice. In September, we wrote on a school shooting at……

It’s fair enough

The primary purpose of pursuing a college education is to open doors for a future career. There are other incredible things in college that can help a person develop as a human being, but at the end of the day, they’re here to get a job.

Taking steps toward change – UI strives to integrate technology into academics in a way that works for students

When Blackboard freezes or VandalWeb crashes during registration, it”s easy to become frustrated with the technology the University of Idaho has worked to incorporate into its academic programs. However, there is good news for students who find themselves frustrated with university websites, distance learning technology or a lack of technology in general. In a meeting……

The graduate student struggle – UI”s teaching assistants are paid too little for a large amount of work

Teaching assistants have more on their plates than most. While many people around campus fit into a single category, such as student, staff, faculty or administration, graduate students who also work as teaching assistants transcend the singular label and function as a student, instructor and, on some occasions, a researcher. Despite the extensive work graduate……