Music predictions for this summer, from electronic vibes to a power-couple collaboration


Electronic everything

It”s a trend impossible to escape in today”s more popular hits, and I predict this summer it will reach new heights. This trend is an increased demand for EDM-like sounds in pop music, and I guess that shouldn”t be surprising – pop music is meant to reflect what is popular. DJs have dominated recent charts, with The Chainsmokers and Kygo leading the pack. But this trend doesn”t stop with the artists who have consistently delivered electronic tracks – everyone, even artists who haven”t dabbled in club beats and drops before, are getting in on the action.

Lyndsie Kiebert Rawr

Lyndsie Kiebert

Pop diva revival

We”re already seeing it with Beyonce – yeah, Queen B has and always will be relevant, but her recent release of “Lemonade” has made the ex-Destiny”s Child stunner blow up yet again. Her self-titled album from back in 2014 produced some minor hits like “7/11″ and “Drunk In Love,” but I suspect “Lemonade” will dominate summer of 2016 with a few strategically released singles.

Beyonce isn”t the only pop diva I see regaining top 40 stardom this summer. Katy Perry is overdue for a new single, Christina Aguilera is rumored to be gearing up for a new release and I”d like to see Pink unleash some of her well-known edge to jam to in the warm weather. Arianna Grande has been holding her own in the lady”s pop category, but I have a feeling this summer will bring a revival of some voices from my childhood.

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift will collaborate

I don”t know if I would wish this on the power couple (isn”t working together supposed to sabotage a healthy relationship?) but at the same time, the result could be really good. And I”m not talking a whole album – just a hard-hitting single that highlights the unique side of Swift”s vocals and showcases Harris” ear for summer pop.

However, the probability of this collaboration gracing us all is looking bleak. In a recent interview on “On Air with Ryan Seacrest,” Harris responded to speculations of a possible girlfriend-boyfriend recording session by saying, “You know, we haven”t even spoken about it. I can”t see it happening, though. No. She”s about to take a long break, you know?” He then added that her constant support and subtle promotion of his work is amazing, and continued to gush. Oh so sweet, but I hate to be proven wrong. Their collaboration makes the list regardless, if only for the sake of wishful thinking.

Everyone will have their summer 2016 anthem

This is a gimme, but it”s one of my favorite things about summer singles. The nostalgic element of music seems to be in the full-force come June – days are longer, the radio is always playing in the background – and certain popular songs become the soundtrack to that particular summer. And with the increasing popularity of streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, having control over which hits are played over and over (as opposed to letting the radio control the tunes) is now an option, adding a whole new element to the concept of summer hits.

Reminiscence is such a large part of why I love summer and the music that comes with. It”s always fun to hear a Taio Cruz single from the summer before freshman year of high school and remember the adventures that coincide with the times I rocked out to that particular song.

I am excited to see what this summer brings.

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