| 03.21.2018

Lyndsie Kiebert

The common connection — By striving to understand one another, people can separate beliefs from identities

People don’t like to have their views challenged. Often when someone’s view is challenged, they take it as a personal attack. Professors at Northwestern University found that when people’s confidence in their beliefs is shaken, they become stronger advocates for those beliefs. Although it is natural to assume a persistent and enthusiastic advocate of a……

Beyond condoms — Safe sex means more than latex and prescriptions

It’s Valentine’s Day — a time for love, appreciation and maybe even a little alone time with that special someone. At the University of Idaho, there are plenty of resources for students who want to learn more about sexual health, or for those who just need some free condoms. The Women’s Center, the Vandal Health Education office……

Necessary evolution — A digital first mentality will help student reporters develop skills and better serve readers

By now, most of the Argonaut’s readerships has heard — the University of Idaho’s student-run newspaper has officially made the transition to a once-a-week publication. Will this mean less coverage of UI news and events? No. Will this mean fewer training opportunities for student journalists working at Student Media? No. Will this mean Student Media……

Ridgewood’s last devil

The Tasmanian devil tattoo on George’s right bicep never faded, even as his memory of home did. Hints of black, red and yellow still graced his leathery skin, making up the same motif seen on Ridgewood’s basketball jerseys — When was that? — 40-some-years-ago. They were the same colors in the shambles of Ridgewood’s basketball……