| 03.18.2018

Albums worth your while – A run-down of notable recent and upcoming releases


“Know-It-All” – Alessia Cara

Release date: Nov. 13

The young and talented Alessia Cara was summed up perfectly by Billboard columnist Clover Hope in her review of Cara”s debut album when she said, “Alessia Cara balances idealism and cynicism.” While the single “Here” put Cara on the map early this fall, her other songs like “Wild Things” (a total misfit jam) and “Seventeen” (a pop tune for reminiscing the past) highlight her versatility and lyrical prowess. She speaks the language of much of the twenty-something population – and she does it well.

Lyndsie Kiebert

“Purpose” – Justin Bieber

Release date: Nov. 13

While most days I”d be above including the reckless, shame-inducing Justin Bieber in any of my columns, his new album deserves a shout-out. If there were ever a time to try and find a little love in your heart for the Biebs, the time is now. “Sorry” is incredibly addicting, “I”ll Show You” has intriguing synth beats and lyrics unlike anything he”s released before and “What Do You Mean” has already scaled the charts with objective music-quality justification. It”s time to give Bieber a chance – it appears he has grown.

“A Head Full Of Dreams” – Coldplay

Release date: Dec. 4

In a Facebook post on Nov. 10, Coldplay”s front man, Chris Martin, wrote about the first single off the band”s upcoming album, saying, “”Adventure Of A Lifetime” completely defines where we”ve got to as a band. It”s just the ultimate teamwork. I think it”s my favourite thing that we”ve ever made.” This not only sets the bar high, but highlights how long Coldplay has been making music and evolving. The single is playful and layered in the many sounds the band has played with over the years, and the album is likely to showcase much of the same.

“Tell Me I”m Pretty” – Cage the Elephant

Release date: Dec. 18

The first single off this album, “Mess Around,” brings exactly the energy that drew CTE”s fans to the band from the beginning. “Tell Me I”m Pretty” will be the band”s fourth studio album since it first made its presence known in 2009 with the iconic go-to hit, “Ain”t No Rest for the Wicked.” The excitement surrounding this album release mostly stems from the band”s incredibly unique sound. CTE hasn”t disappointed me yet – I expect “Tell Me I”m Pretty” to bring the indie-pop/grunge the band has unfailingly delivered.

“Not To Disappear” – Daughter

Release date: Jan. 15

“Not To Disappear” may not see release until a couple weeks into next year, but it deserves to be on this list nonetheless. The single “Doing The Right Thing” brings to the plate what you”d expect from this London trio – soft, layered, eerie rock tinged with the painful beauty that is Elena Tonra”s voice. Guitarist Igor Haefeli told  New Musical Express  that touring after the release of the band”s first full-length album, “If You Leave,” helped Daughter develop its rock dynamic, and that the new release will bring something “more extreme.” The tone has been set, and the expectations are high.

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