| 03.20.2018

Off the cuff


Ahead of the game

Glad I got all my Christmas shopping done before the December shopping madness … I got some of it done at least … I didn’t get anything done.



Yesterday was the first day of the Winter Wonderland Challenge, a 28-day jumpstart clean eating and exercise regimen. I am excited to end 2014 on a positive note.


Animal rights

I’ve been an animal rights activist since I was a child. I changed my major because of the system and now I’m refusing to eat meat produced by large food corporations. This is a difficult but necessary step.



Can’t we all just agree that race riots need to not be a thing? No one is happy and everyone hates each other. Let’s not trash a town because of it, mmmmkay?


When a planner can’t plan

I like knowing what the future holds, where I’m going and how I’ll get there. I’m a planner. It’s what I do. Right now I don’t know any of that and it’s both terrifying and freeing — my world is open. This is an excellent test in patience and trust that it will all work out.



GOP aide Elizabeth Lauten apologized and resigned because of her Facebook post telling Obama’s daughters to show some class. I can understand why people might be upset, but this is ridiculous.


Memorial Gym

For some odd reason, I always get excited to cover a basketball game there. It’s old and could use more than a few upgrades, but I still love it. Only 227 fans attended the men’s basketball game last Saturday, yet it was still loud when the Vandals started to gain momentum.


Walking in a winter wonderland

I love the way snow looks on the trees and bushes around Moscow. Now, if I can just avoid slipping on the sidewalk, everything will be good.


Welcome back

Now, just three weeks before the next break. It couldn’t get here any sooner.


Some good reading

Pick up a copy of Blot magazine, which made its debut yesterday, for some good reading while you’re hiding inside.


UI on ice

Walking around the current frozen sidewalks on campus makes me feel like a cartoon character. No matter what shoes I wear or what I do, I am constantly scrambling for footing.



Pay attention to the news coming out of Ferguson. If you have spent all break in a turkey-induced coma, you have some catching up to do.


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