| 03.19.2018

Begin the change — Take part in cultural experiences now, shape your future


Taking part in experiences that focus on learning about and interacting with people who come from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds is a chance to become better members of the communities we live in.The University of Idaho works to maintain not only a diverse student body, but also to facilitate meaningful interactions among students from different racial and cultural backgrounds. Saturday’s Cruise the World event is an opportunity to experience the cultures of various countries in the UI Student Union Building ballroom.
A 2011 study published in the Review of Education Research found there is a positive link between diversity experiences in college — the more interpersonal interactions with people of other cultures, the better — and a person’s civic growth and engagement later in life.
Cruise the World offers students the chance to interact with student ambassadors from more than 30 different countries. Part of our role as college students is to not only learn and grow academically, but also personally — to become active participants in our global community. A task that starts with each of us right here and now.
Many of us may never have the finances or time to travel internationally. We might not even move out of Idaho once we graduate and start our careers. Spend a few minutes this weekend meeting other students whose experiences and worldviews you can learn from.
The few years spent on this campus are the foundations that will shape who we become later in life. Take advantage of the opportunities presented to you and begin building the framework for being a productive and beneficial member of society.
— KM

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