| 03.17.2018

Get what you pay for


Every semester, University of Idaho students fork over $15 per year for ASUI Vandal Entertainment events, including comedians, small concerts, films and Finals Fest.
Finals Fest performers from recent years include Childish Gambino and Mike Posner. Today, ASUI announced what is probably the largest act in the event’s history — Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, one of Seattle’s most prolific hip-hop duos, currently holding the No. 2 spot on the Billboard charts.
And for UI students, the event is free — sort of.
Finals Fest tickets can be obtained at the ASUI office April 1-5. Students are guaranteed tickets to the event, and there is plenty of space in the Kibbie Dome to accommodate everybody on campus. The only requirement is a donation of one non-perishable food item to benefit the UI Food Pantry, which will help low-income students obtain food security.
UI’s current enrollment is about 12,000 students. Imagine if each one donated one can of food. This would give the yet-unopened pantry an amazing start. Vandals have a history of strong food drive showings. So even if hip-hop isn’t your thing, stop by and donate.
Every student puts money into the Vandal Entertainment pot, but few students participate in the fruits of their dollars. These events are organized to enrich students’ college experience, and to provide a break from the rigors of studying and working. Going to a free concert, even if it isn’t music you usually listen to, is a chance to take a break and learn something new. You might even have fun.
Macklemore will perform May 3, the Friday before finals week, the perfect opportunity to do something fun before finals plunges you into despair, or you skip town because your semester is finished.
Grab a ticket and expand your horizons. Nothing but a couple hours on a Friday before finals week can be lost in the venture. You might even hear something you like.

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