Off the cuff 03.20.2017

Eight weeks And that’s it. No more college. — Claire Spring break It didn’t really feel like much of a break, which is a bummer, seeing as it was the last break I will have for a very, very long time. — Erin Fitbit fan club I have joined it and I have no regrets. […]

It’s the little things 01.12.2017

Election years are always rough. Especially after such a divine and nasty cycle, all Americans deserve a better year — regardless of who they voted for. It was a tough year, 2016. Even as the clock ran out on the year, two celebrity deaths and foreign policy drama between President Barack Obama and President-elect Donald […]

Broadway on the Palouse, a blast from the past — The Palouse Choral Society kicks off the season with ‘The Best of Rodgers and Hammerstein’ 10.21.2016

The Palouse Choral Society is bringing Broadway to northern Idaho with their first concert of the season. The concert is based around the music of Rodgers and Hammerstein, the famous composers of the ’40s and ’50s who produced musicals such as “Oklahoma!” and “The Sound of Music.” The concert will be performed at 7:30 p.m. […]

A flickering threat – Fire season still looms over the Palouse 08.23.2016

In August 2015, smoke pollution hovered over the city of Moscow for several weeks as surrounding fires continued to burn throughout the Northwest. Forest fires were periodically buring in the surrounding states of Oregon, Montana and Washington, and the smoke carried over to the Palouse. This created a hazardous atmosphere at the beginning of the […]

For the kids – Toys for Tots expands throughout the Palouse 11.27.2015

Before Julie Latrell took on the job of improving the Toys for Tots program on the Palouse as part of her master”s program, participation in the area was minimal. In 2013, the results for the program shattered previous records, said Julie”s husband Edwin Latrell. “We collected 350 toys and 2,500 plus dollars in that 72-hour […]