| 03.20.2018


Friendly food Healthy eating is the key to a healthy and happy lifestyle, not just working out

Now that we are through February, it is safe to say that those who have stuck to their healthy New Year’s resolutions are making progress. Many others went to the gym a couple times in the first weeks after January before admitting defeat and succumbing to another year of less-than-healthy habits. Maybe it is the……

Guest Voice — Eating Disorder Awareness Week

  Do you know someone who might have an eating disorder and you aren’t sure how to help?  If you do, or would like to learn more about eating disorders, Eating Disorder Awareness Week is February 26 through March 4.  Vandal Health Education (VHE) is working with the Counseling and Testing Center and the Women’s Center……

Guest Voice — Talking safe sex

As an intern for Vandal Health Education, I am aware that a lot of sexual health information was being given out to students over Valentine’s Day, which is also recognized as National Condom Day. Sex is a controversial topic within health education, and many students come to college without receiving a formal education regarding contraception……

New semester, new stress — Guest Voice Destress and de-clutter your semester with these tips

We dove into the beginning of the spring semester with fresh minds, new schedules and new resolutions. We had the motivation to stay organized, hit the gym and eat healthy. But fast forward to this point in the semester. We survived our first round of exams, we’re stressed and busy and we may not be……

Letter to the editor

Tiffany Mayes and her daughter Chloe (18 months old now) were featured last spring in The Argonaut. Tiffany is married and her husband (Chloe’s dad) Anthony is an electrical engineering student at UI. Tiffany is a fourth generation Vandal and a senior studying elementary education.