| 03.20.2018


Ice, ice baby UI must approach deicing sidewalks with care

Walking to early classes all week can be a drag, but it turns into an issue when going outside in the morning creates fear. Idaho weather is always dicey. Palouse weather, however, is even more unpredictable. It looks like the snow might be gone for now, but let’s reflect on just how death-defying these last……

Prioritize parking Parking is one of UI’s largest problems

Ask any student at the University of Idaho what they think needs to be fixed most on campus and you would probably hear a reoccurring answer — parking. With an increase in the number of people on campus comes the dire need for an increase in available parking spaces. Over the years, UI’s enrollment has……

Play all night — Palouse gamers to gather at UI Commons

Vandal Overnight Games will be Saturday, Sept. 30 in the University of Idaho Commons and Teaching and Learning Center. This is the seventh Vandal Overnight Games held by the UI Information Technology Services (ITS) department as a community outreach gaming event. The event is open to all UI students and members of the community and……

Garfield comes out on top — Washington high school named winner of Saturday’s final Jazz Fest concert

Garfield High School Jazz Band No. 1 from Seattle, Washington, was named the instrumental sweepstakes champion of the final Young Artist’s Winners Concert Saturday at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival. The high school instrumental division included seven jazz band performances from high schools in Canada, Idaho and Washington. Garfield performer Jonathon Sabbath said winning was……