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OTC 03.08.18


If you could bring any performer to Finals Fest, who would you choose?

Meet me at the university
There is only one person I would truly want performing at this university and that person is Harry Styles. It would be the Finals Fest of the century.

— Savannah

One Direction

Harry is great, but the whole gang together for one night at UI would be even better.

— Hailey


With his recent rise in popularity, as well as the messages in his songs, he would be a great Finals Fest headliner.

— Grayson

I want the OG Childish Gambino, AKA Donald Glover, AKA future Lando Calrissian on the stage.

— Griffen

His recent rise in stardom in the last year would make him perfect for Finals Fest.

— Chris

Unpopular opinion
Since Taylor Swift may be a bit too unrealistic, bringing a country artist seems more likely. I would love to see some country boys rocking out on the sprint turf. I don’t even really care who if they are country.

— Meredith

Def Leppard
I’m ready for a classic rock artist to come to Moscow. I’m tired of all these rap and pop artists. Def Leppard sounds perfect.

— Lindsay

John Williams
If you don’t know John, you don’t know music.

— Brandon

The Jonas Brothers
What ever happened to them?

— Andrew

A$AP Rocky
If A$AP ever performed at Finals Fest I would fall in love, hop on his tour bus and never come back. Be on the lookout for the real Finals Fest artist announcement in the upcoming week.

— Tea

It’s a beautiful day
You can never go wrong with U2.

— Max

I really really want …

Spice Girls to perform.

— Nishant

Coast Modern
They only have one album out but it sounds like summer. They would be a great artist to finish the semester with.

— Joleen

Typically I’d prefer something a little different for a concert, but Russ seems like someone everyone could agree with.

— Elizabeth

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