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O.T.C. — 02.22.2018


If you could live forever, would you?


No way

If you could live forever then there really isn’t a point to live at all.

— Grayson


Eventually I would like to call it quits. Even though the thought of death is terrifying, forever is just way too long.

— Savannah

No thanks

Sorry to be a pessimist, but with the rate of how things are deteriorating in society right now I’d rather die at an old age.

— Elizabeth


I wouldn’t want to see all my loved ones die around me, and end up alone. That’s just depressing.

— Lindsay

Of course

There’s so much to see in this world and not enough time to see it.

— Brandon


You’ll live to see your loved ones pass, sure, but that’s the thing about love — it’s infinite. It’s just we’re not infinite. Also, you’ll live to finally see jet packs.

— Nishant

Count me out

I’m down for a solid 150-year life. I want to be around long enough to see a lot, but I definitely don’t need to see it all. 150 years seems like a good compromise.

– Meredith

I’ll pass

If I’m starting to push 100 that will even be too long. Give me until I’m 80 then I’m good to go.

— Chris

Why not?

There’s so much to see in the world. And times are always changing. It would be cool to stay around to see it all.

— Joleen


But I’d want to live in heaven cause then life is amazing and I get to be with all the people I love.

— Andrew

It depends

I have to live at least long enough for there to be a Five Guys in Moscow. After that I can die happy, but who knows how long that could take?

— Max

Only if …

I can be young forever. Maybe I’m just a little scared of growing up.

— Hailey

Hmm …

Do I get to stop aging at a certain point? Then it’s a yes from me.

— Tea


If I lived forever but could still die from physical harm like a gunshot then yea definitely. Though, watching my family and friends pass would break my heart.

— Griffen

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