Don’t neglect doing what you love — Making time for hobbies is always worthwhile


When life gets busy and there seems to be no extra time to do anything optional, the first thing we often neglect our hobbies.

Although we love our hobbies, we tend to give them little life value.

As students, we have particularly stressful days full of lectures, studying and exams. And if there is one thing we could all use more of, it’s breaks. Hobbies provide an effective way to recharge and find rest in the midst of the chaos. By doing something you love, you allow yourself to be yourself.

Making time for doing what you love will give you the boost you need to do what you don’t love so much — like homework, bills or chores.

Hobbies can help you manage your time by encouraging efficiency. When you have something that you’re looking forward to, you will be more motivated to complete your current task in a timely manner.

Throughout our lives we acquire many different hobbies, and they often change over time. As a child, I joined in with the communal hobby of creating Lego and clay animation videos with my brothers. I also played a lot of video games. These hobbies were engaging to me and I was passionate about them. Although these aren’t my hobbies anymore, I’m thankful for that time in my life.

Hobbies can be largely dependent on our current lifestyle and circumstances. I discovered rock climbing a few years ago and I’ve found it to be such an effective break from school that I integrated into my current lifestyle. It’s something that I’m passionate about and it makes me feel good. I never thought much about rock climbing until one day my friend asked me to go climbing with him for the first time. After my first climb, I realized this is something that makes me feel alive. It was difficult and scary at first, but it has been an incredibly rewarding journey.

Andrew Brand | Argonaut

Hobbies don’t always provide instant gratification, but the process of learning is worth it.

I wouldn’t have discovered rock climbing if I wasn’t willing to try something new. Sometimes you just have to take step and go for it — you never know what passion you might discover.

A hobby isn’t passive — it’s not just something you do to pass the time, like watching Netflix and scrolling through endless social feeds on your phone.

A hobby is something you find interest in that actively engages you. A hobby is something that enriches your life. Hobbies push you creatively, physically and mentally. Hobbies help facilitate community and relationships, and they teach you how to enjoy life.

Do something you love every day. And if you don’t know what you love, take some time to explore and discover something new. I promise it is worth it.

Andrew Brand can be reached at or on Twitter @theandrewbrand

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