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If you could live in a fictional world, what would you choose?

The OG feminist

I would want to live in Nancy Drew’s world, and by proxy, become Nancy Drew. She taught me more about investigating and journalism in 56 books than most classes could.

— Hailey

Gilmore girl

I would love to lie in the town of Stars Hollow from “Gilmore Girls.” I would give anything to sit down at Luke’s Diner and drink a giant cup of coffee, or stay a night at the Dragonfly Inn.

— Savannah

The American dream

“Avatar: The Last Airbender,” specifically the show and not the abomination of a movie. Imagine being able to waterbend around a lake or glide through the air with airbending. That’s the American dream.

— Griffen

The American dream 2.0

In an alternative timeline, I would go back to a world before November 2016. Now, that would be nice.

— Brandon

Pineapple under the sea

I wouldn’t mind living in Bikini Bottom. It would be fun to hang out with Patrick in his rock and blow bubbles.

— Max

Candy, candy, candy

Candy Land would be an awesome place to live. Sliding down a gummy slide into a cola river and eating sugar flowers would make me 300 pounds and happy.

— Grayson


I’d want to be Piper and Phoebe’s sister, be a witch with power and fight demons all day. That sense of adventure would be amazing to have.

— Lindsay

A world of fantasy

I would live in Middle Earth, specifically Rivendell. I would spend my days going on quests, exploring and fighting all the evil that lurks in the shadows.


Harry Potter

I’ve always loved reading about Harry’s world and the magic in it. I love how the magix and light in the books contrasts with the dangerous challenges the characters face. Besides, who wouldn’t want to go to Hogwarts?

– Elizabeth

An eventful world

I don’t know why the life of an orphan sounds enthralling to me, but I would love to take a step into Lemony Snicket’s world of “A Series of Unfortunate Events.”

— Tea

The Flash

If I woke up one day and became Barry Allen, the fastest man alive, I wouldn’t question it for a second.

— Chris

The sitcom world

I would love to live in the “Friends” life. Spending all my hours in a coffee shop with my closest friends? That is a world I would love to live in.

— Meredith

The grid

If I could live on the grid like “Tron: Legacy,” that would be a dream. Anyone else jealous of the super cool light bikes?

— Joleen

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