| 03.19.2018

Gearing up for a new semester — ASUI hears about a few changes to the ASUI president’s cabinet and an update on medical amnesty


The first ASUI meeting of the semester began 30 minutes late because of an ASUI senator being held up during a pre-session group activity.

A lack of unfinished business resulted in a short meeting. Instead, senators heard about a new bill which would make changes to the president’s cabinet.

ASUI Chief of Staff Jordan Johnson said the ASUI senate will have new bills concerning the structure of the cabinet.

Johnson said one of the bills would combine the positions of director of health and wellness and director of violence prevention, because the positions attend many of the same meetings. Another bill would remove the second elections coordinator from the public relations board.

The money saved from combining the first two positions and eliminating the third would make room in the budget for a director of philanthropy said Johnson. This position would last a year and a half, so the new hire could have hands-on experience with the upcoming dance marathon, one of ASUI’s larger philanthropy events said Johnson. The position would also help with other philanthropy events put on by ASUI.

The last bill Johnson spoke of dealt with changing the name of the director of Idaho Commons and Pitman Center to director of student spaces.

Shawn O’Neal, the ASUI advisor, said the way ASUI senators are paid will change. The senators will now need to go through human resources said O’Neal.

ASUI Representative to the Faculty Senate Jesse Watson gave an update on VandalStar. Watson said VandalStar is a retention solution program which will compile information from BbLearn and VandalWeb.

ASUI President McKenzie MacDonald said ASUI is gathering support for the repeal of the sunset clause on medical amnesty which would make medical amnesty a permeant part of Idaho statutes.

MacDonald also said mental health would be a top priority for the new semester.

ASUI Vice President Catharine Yenne said senators need to sign up for a shift during What’s good Wednesday’s, an event for students to meet ASUI senators and share their thoughts and concerns. The first What’s good Wednesday is Jan. 24 from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

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