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O.T.C. 1.18.2017 — What are you most excited for this semester?


Ad team

We get to create an actual advertising campaign for a company. And, everyone on our team is great.

— Andrew

Intro to typography

The first step to improving my design skills for Blot Magazine is learning how to use fonts correctly. Plus, Janssen is pretty rad too.

— Lindsay



— Griffen


I am excited to fill my last semester full of memories with all of my favorite people in this tiny college town I’ll never forget.

— Tea

All the JAMM

Before this semester, my schedule has been scattered in terms of courses. But, this semester, my schedule is stacked with journalism classes and I couldn’t be more excited to dig in.

— Meredith

Advanced character design

I’m excited to use a ton of different programs to learn how to create 3D characters.

— Grayson

Media Economics

I hardly know anything about economics and business, so I’m looking forward to a JAMM class that focuses on these different concepts.

— Max

Political Psychology

I’m excited to get into higher-level political science courses this semester and learn more about why citizens and leaders make the decisions they do.

— Elizabeth

Energy efficiency and conservation

Energy has always been a topic that interests me. I’m looking forward to this class and learning more about how to meet future energy demands as society changes.

— Joleen

Ancient Rome

I enjoy history and I’ve heard great things about the instructor. I hear she tells the best stories that wouldn’t come up in an ordinary civ textbook.


Arg for life

I am still new to the editor-in-chief position here at the Argonaut. I am most excited to begin leading a staff of amazing editors and students this semester.

— Savannah

Open spaces

After living in Virginia, being in a town of less than a million people is a welcome change.

— Brandon

Journalism always

This hasn’t changed in my last 5 semesters, but I’m most excited to keep working with student media and help grow our journo family.

— Hailey

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