OTC — 12.05.17


Adventure of a lifetime

      This Christmas, all I’m asking for is a big wad of cash from the ‘rents to support my Europe trip next May.

— Savannah

Hanukkah and Christmas

For Hanukkah and Christmas my list is horror movies and bath bombs. But, now I want nothing more to spend the holidays with my family.

— Lindsay

Missing my bed

School has been nonstop since the beginning of the year. I want to sleep  until noon for a couple days.

— Grayson

She said it best


— Griffen

I want it all

This Christmas all I want is everything. My dad says it’s too much, but I disagree.

— Liz

The best gift

There is no better gift, than the gift of a Christmas shave.

— Andrew


Looking forward to a two-week trip with my family exploring Costa Rican beaches and rain forests.

— Nina

Europe here I come

I’m with Savannah on Christmas presents this year. All I want is help from friends and family to go to Europe for the first time after graduation.

— Tea

House warming

I am living in my first house this year, and I’m not sure I’ll ever be done moving in. Each day I think of another piece that would make a good addition to the house. So, I would love to finish making my space a home.

— Meredith

Dollar bills

I would definitely be OK with some money to help pay for these college bills.

— Max

Just being practical

I could say I want world peace, a better political climate and people to stop using the phrase “fake news.” And, I really do. But, if anyone in particular is looking at this — AKA my parents — I could really use my subscription to The New Yorker renewed.

—  Hailey


It seems like every year, I find new ways to appreciate the beautiful striped, spotted, tie-dyed and plaid beauties under the tree.

— Kyle

The cure for stress

This Christmas, I’m excited to be home for the first time since summer. My sister got two new dogs, and all I want is to cuddle with them.

— Joleen

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