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OTC — 11.28.2017


Who would you choose to be Time’s person of the year?

The Gosling

I’m not really one to praise celebs, but Ryan Gosling absolutely killed it this year with every movie he’s starred in.

— Blake

My man

Gotta give it to my boy, Michael Cera. He’s the person of the year every year.

— Griffen

Harry Styles

Not only is Harry a beautiful fashion icon, he also released an album of the year that — I’m sure we can all agree — was perfection.

— Savannah

Something new

I would be down to see Chance the Rapper on the cover of Time Magazine. We don’t often see a great voice and social justice rolled into one celebrity.

— Hailey

Find what feels good

Adriene Mishler from Yoga with Adriene inspires people daily to better themselves from within so they can then pay it forward to others. She also has a cute dog.

— Joleen

Bill Gates

Not only is he just an awesome guy, but he and his wife recently announced their plans to further pursue a cure for Alzheimer’s.

— Max

Tobin Bell

After watching “Jigsaw” during fall break, my hat goes off to actor Tobin Bell for keeping up with a series I have loved for a while now.

— Lindsay

The face of rap

Kendrick Lamar. K DOT. Kung Fu Kenny. Corn Row Kenny. King Kunta. America has known the top dog of Top Dawg Entertainment for years. It’s time to finally make him person of the year.

— Kyle


If we use Time’s measurement — the person with the greatest positive or negative impact — I would have to go with Donald Trump, in spite of his saying they already “probably” chose him. But, then again, my own person of the year is Austin Lee.

— Nina


His song “1-800” brought depression into the spotlight and is helping people understand that getting help is OK.

— Grayson

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