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OTC — 11.14.2017


What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

Jalapeno poppers

My cousin makes bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers and they are hands down my favorite Thanksgiving food.

— Grayson

Green bean casserole

It’s odd because I don’t really like green beans by themselves, but throw some cream of mushroom soup and french fried onions on there and I’m sold.
                                          — Savannah

Sweet potatoes with marshmallows

    Because I’m a firm believer in adding more sugar to something that is already sweet.

— Meredith


   Gravy is the glue that keeps the rest of the plate together. It isn’t anyone’s favorite but it is the only part that is necessary.

— Griffen

Apple pie song

    Apple pie on Thanksgiving night has always been a tradition but watching the “Sound of Music” with it makes it taste even better.

— Lindsay

All the squashes

Acorn, butternut, pumpkin and all the others. They taste like Thanksgiving and they are all delicious, especially with the seeds on the side roasted in olive oil and salt.

— Andrew

Sugar overload

     My great grandmother used to make buttermilk pie that could put you in a sugar coma.

— Blake


Mashed potatoes with lots of butter are one of my favorite comfort foods. It is very much needed after a long and stressful semester.

— Joleen

Bacon-wrapped turkey

     Skip the stuffing and go straight for the good stuff. Oh, and don’t forget to drown it in gravy once it gets to your plate.

— Kyle

Mashed potatoes

I like to keep it plain and simple by overloading my plate with this glorious food.

— Max

Pecan pie

No matter how you say pecan, we can all agree it is the best Thanksgiving dessert.

— Hailey

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