ASUI remembers Keegan Felton — ASUI goes paperless, votes on memoriam resolution

ASUI Senate passed a resolution in memoriam of Keegan Felton, a University of Idaho junior who died last month.

“It’s important for the Vandal community to know that ASUI looks out for Vandals,” said Sen. Zachary Spence.

According to the Moscow-Pullman Daily News, Felton died while jogging at the UI Recreation Center. Pro-tempore Jordan Kizer said the resolution honored his memory as an avid Vandal.

A bill to provide a weekly budget for senators to buy prizes for their living groups was not considered, having been held in committee, Spence said. ASUI senators are required to meet with groups of students to brief them on ASUI actions and solicit ideas and feedback. The bill would fund a weekly budget of $5 per senator per week for prizes to encourage students to attend their weekly meetings.

Wednesday was also a test run for paperless meetings for the ASUI Senate.

Senate depended on an electronic version of its meeting agenda, which contains the full text of all bills and resolutions to be considered at the meeting.

ASUI uses almost a ream of paper every meeting and such office supplies are paid for by student fees, said ASUI Vice President Catherine Yenne.

Sen. Erik Nelson said going paperless will pay off in the long run. But some senators were less excited about the change. Sen. George Wood said he felt going electronic could be abused by senators using their laptops to do other things during the meeting.

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