OTC — 10-10-2017


If a famous person could be your professor for a day, who would it be?

Emma Watson

She’s an advocate for women’s rights and she fights against racism and world hunger — she’s amazing. I would want to learn about her success in organizations like “HeForShe.”

— Savannah

Adam Savage

He is an amazing designer and artist. I would want to learn his design process.

— Grayson

Stan Lee

Sure, he might die of old age in the middle of class, but to learn from him on how franchises and worlds are made would be life changing.

— Blake


I would love to pick Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s mind for a day. Imagine all the stories and experiences she has gained over the years.

— Hailey

Betty White

Can you imagine the stories she could share? Aside from serious comical talent, that woman must have a fair amount of wisdom and I would love to hear it all.

— Meredith

New York

Dean Baquet is the head editor of the New York Times and I’d want to learn how to get a job there. That’s where I want to be at the end of this college journey.

— Lindsay

Benito Mussolini

Psych, it would be awesome to be taught by Alexander the Great. It doesn’t matter what. You could learn so much just by talking with him.

— Griffen

John Oliver

He delivers information in a way that’s easily understood and he’s pretty funny. I’d love to sit and chat with him about what he does.

— Mihaela

Morgan Freeman

Not only would he share experiences from his many films and projects, but just hearing his voice would keep me so much more interested.

— Max

Leonardo DiCaprio

He’s got luscious locks, a knack for acting and is a dedicated environmentalist. What more could you ask for?

— Kyle

Zooey Deschanel

I think it would be cool to hear about what is good directing v. bad directing, from her actor viewpoint. I’d also like to learn a little bit about storytelling and character development from her.

— Nina

Michelle Obama

She’s smart, funny and hard working. The dream is to have her as my spirit guide through life, but a day of talking about how she got to where she is now would suffice too.

— Joleen

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