OTC 9/25/17


Q: What is the best way to cure a pesky cold?

Sleep it off

Nothing helps me more when I’m feeling under the weather than a long night’s sleep or nap in my big comfy bed.

— Savannah

Gold Bears to the rescue

When I notice I’m feeling sick, I grab a bag of Gold Bears and my troubles start to fade away. Seriously, these are just perfect.

— Max

Rabbit hole

Actively hunt out a nastier sickness. The more destructive virus wins out in the end, which means no more cold.

— Griffen

A hot meal

When I’m sick, a warm meal goes a long way. It helps you breathe when you have a stuffed nose.

— Grayson

Don’t overdo it

Just skip that class and nap. Don’t push yourself to your limits. Remember, we aren’t invincible.

— Kyle

Buck up

I wear a warm hat to make breathing easier and take lots of medication. You get over it eventually.

— Lindsay

Drug induced coma

I’m not even sure NyQuil helps with any cold symptoms, but at least it knocks me out so I’ll stop whining about it.

— Joleen

Sugar up

A hot chocolate and ice cream can go a long way in fixing a sore throat and a stuffy head on the days you really don’t feel like eating anything else anyway.

— Meredith

Slug out

I usually just watch tons of cartoons in my bed like a bum until I either die or feel better.

— Blake

Sleep, sleep, sleep

My own personal cure for the Moscow plague is sleeping and then sleeping some more. Thank you, night-time cold medicine.

— Mihaela

Cleaning from the inside

Whenever I’m sick, I try to drink a lot of water so my body has the resources to do what it has to do. Feeling sick? Hydrate.

— Nina

Couch it out

A new book, “Gilmore Girls” playing in the background and lots of rest on the couch. This way your roommate can tend to all your food and medicine needs.

— Hailey

Leave Moscow

Go to California and lay on the beach until the sunshine brings revitalization.

— Andrew

Oldie but a goodie

The ultimate sickness cure is the same as it has always been for me — chicken noodle soup and cuddle up on the couch watching movies.

— Tea

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