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The Argonaut – Off the cuff

Off the cuff


Chill out

When I feel the most stress, I like to take the time to cook a homemade meal and watch an episode of “Gilmore Girls” or crack open a new novel — even if it’s for just an hour.

— Hailey


During times when I get too overwhelmed, my favorite self-care activity is practicing yoga. It always helps clear my mind while also keeping me active.

— Savannah

Treat yourself

A bowl of ice cream and an episode of “Friends” can go a long way when it comes to preserving some mental sanity on a tough day.

— Meredith

Health first

Many of life’s problems are magnified by a lack of sleep, unhealthy food and water. Before getting too deep into the depressive cycle, make sure your brain has the resources necessary to deal with everything.

— Nina

The bed beacons

During a stressful day, I lay in bed and just close my eyes and put headphones in and listen to music.

— Grayson

Oh the places you’ll go

When the world is just a little too much, I like to hide away in my room with a new novel and lose myself for a little while.

— Mihaela

Saddling up

A nice bike ride, perhaps with some music, never fails to soothe my nerves.

— Kyle

Just breathe

I enjoy binge watching some “Friends” for a few hours, relaxing in bed and just forgetting about the world.

— Lindsay

A few of my favorite things

A good book and my favorite Bath & Body Works candle always seems to turn my day around no matter what.

— Tea


Much like King Montezuma, I enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate late at night. Bonus points if it has little marshmallows in it.

— Griffen

Aint nothing like a gold bear

Nothing beats watching a good movie and munching on Gold Bears (not Gummy Bears).

— Max

Ascend it

Rock climbing is the perfect break from anything. The reward of conquering a challenge is bliss.

— Andrew

Dance party for one

Dancing around my room like an idiot to my favorite songs never fails to put me in a good mood and forget about all my stress.

— Joleen

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