Awareness is action — Recent events emphasize the importance of understanding and awareness


Last Tuesday, copies of The Argonaut were distributed around campus and the Moscow community just like every other week. Where some students and Moscow community members saw a spirited Sound of Idaho marching band on the cover, others saw something akin to that of a Nazi salute.

When the current media landscape is flooded with images of Nazi supporters and Klu Klux Klan members at various rallies, it can be easy to see similarities in photos, even when that is not the true meaning of the photo — even on the cover of a student newspaper.

The lesson to be learned from the misattributed cover image is one of awareness.

Everyone that has access to the internet knows of the recent turmoil that has come out of the politics of removing statues and monuments with a racist connotation.

Yet just because many people know of the recent events it does not mean they are inherently aware. Understanding these events means being able to recap and summarize what happened, and being aware means being able to recognize the way in which it affects the surrounding community.

Something that may seem insignificant to one person may have a dramatic impact on another. What some may feel as a safe community may make others feel unsafe.

Being aware of what is occurring on the national or even international stage is crucial on numerous levels — it betters the individual or group and the community around them. Recognizing that while Moscow, Idaho, feels very far removed from the tragedies in Charlottesville, Virginia, it is imperative to understand that those same events have the potential to hit close to home for various groups and individuals.

Social media boasts endless pictures and videos speaking out against contemporary racism, attempting to provoke action on one side or another. It is easy to repeatedly share this type of media. However, the better way to create change and keep the local community secure is to be aware — aware of not only what is going in the country but the different perspectives and ways in which people around will be affected.

Diversity has the power to enrich a society in a way nothing else can. Embracing diversity as opposed to isolating it is the best way to protect one another and ensure that events and ideas that transpire out of hatred make their way up to our community.

The Argonaut will continue to promote that awarness, encourage diversity and take action against hate when action is needed most.

— MS

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  1. Awareness is only action if you put it to good use. If you stand by and watch people be persecuted, your awareness of their persectution is not acceptable action. If you do not try to spread your awareness to those around you who are unaware and who you might have sway with, you are not taking action. Being aware is important, and it is an important first step in action. But awareness alone is not effective in combatting injustice.