| 03.24.2018

Off the cuff


Spring break

The countdown is on. Only three weeks, people.

— Tea

The dreaded grocery list

When there’s only eggs and bacon left in the fridge for breakfast. Nope. Bacon and eggs — it’s what for dinner.

— Catherine


Despite my doubts about the new Shyamalan movie, Jams McAvoy was phenomenal in the movie. Would watch again.

— Claire

Bachelor bandwagon

Maybe I should hop on. Or maybe not.

— Mihaela

Bachelor bandwagon part 2

Fair warning, Mihaela. Once you go Bachelor you never go back.

— Hailey

The Bachelor Hometowns

$3,423 is too much to spend on a date with a man who is also dating other women.

— Diamond

I was happy

I was genuinely hopeful when I saw a tweet that said President Trump was planning to talk to the Congressional Black Caucus. Then I found out the context behind it …

— Erin

DeMarcus Cousins

Somebody call the police, the New Orleans Pelicans just committed the theft of the decade.

— Josh

Dunk contest theme

“Dunked On” by Froggy Fresh.

— Brandon

Dried grass

Scratches your feet without even tickling. Nickel and dime you. Costs an arm and a leg to get a hip replacement. No defacement, no loitering, no shirt, no shoes and no parking this side of the street.

— Jack


Why does a mint leaf taste minty?

— Griff


College students like to get things done right before deadlines because it’s thrilling, not because they are lazy.

— Andrew

Interview tip

When the employer asks, “What makes you tick?” be mostly honest. I said “snowshoeing” (but thought “corndogs”).

— Lyndsie

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