| 03.20.2018

Fifty shades too dark — Is the new Fifty Shades movie a fairy tale or a nightmare?


It is a movie filled with sex, love and manipulation. “Fifty Shades Darker” portrays the perfect example of things men should never do and things women should never tolerate.

Not only did the movie provide its audience with an awkward combination of romance and sex, but it was released at the worst time possible. Women’s Marches, women empowerment and feminism are large topics of interest right now and “Fifty Shades Darker” goes against everything many women in the country are fighting for.

Fifty Shades isn’t just about BDSM and erotica anymore — it’s about a stalker.

Christian Grey is portrayed as a wealthy, handsome man who has it all. He owns his own company making upwards of $100,000 an hour. Anastasia Steele is an average, unassuming woman. It’s the perfect match. Or is it?

It’s hard to explain the issues that come with this movie because it’s all very obscure. However, there are three main problems that stuck out to me the most. These problems stem from issues many women are dealing with today and are currently fighting against.

Problem one: Grey uses money as a way to weasel his way into Steele’s life. He buys her an Audi and a laptop, which could be taken as simple acts of kindness or as his ways of justifying his creepy, stalker behavior.

With all of the money and fame, Steele quickly falls back into Grey’s disturbing reign. He may have the ability to buy her anything she wants, but that’s a big price to pay when it comes to sacrificing all of her private information — which leads to problem number two.

Grey has, as he commonly refers to them, “his people,” who create files on all of his potential submissive partners. The problem? These files include information Steele probably didn’t even know about herself. Grey hired private detectives to follow Steele in order to collect her detailed personal information.

This is what ultimately revealed Grey’s true stalker colors. It’s a real problem because rather than creating a relationship together, Grey obtains ownership over Steele.

Problem number three: Steele, along with every other woman in the movie, is portrayed as weak and naive in one way or another.

Grey seems like a really nice guy at first, but all of this means nothing if he’s simply going to control Steele in everything she does.

The real issue here? Steele is so deep under Grey’s creepy spell that she gives in to his controlling tendencies and allows him anything he wants.

Even though Steele knows it is wrong and struggles to remain independent, she continues to enable Grey by giving him copious amounts of control over her life, which is just what he wants.

For example, Steele asks Grey for permission to travel to New York City with her boss for a business trip over text, where Grey promptly responds with “the answer is no.”

First of all, this is gross. It’s like some kind of freaky nightmare. Not only is this dominating and possessive, it’s also just plain selfish. This is her job we’re talking about.

What movie was originally thought to be sexy and erotic turned into the exact opposite.

With young women all over the country sitting down to watch this movie, there’s a real problem. These women will take with them the many disturbing concepts that lie within the content of “Fifty Shades Darker.”

Grey is the perfect example of what a man should never do, and what a woman, like Steele, should never tolerate.

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