| 03.19.2018

Savannah Cardon

Paws-itively impactful Therapy dog organization aims to provide support and services across the Palouse

While most dogs serve as a family canine companion, Cider, a four-year-old Collie, serves a much bigger purpose. Cider, who has worked as a therapy dog for nearly three years, assists people on the Palouse through hospital, nursing home and university visits. Cider is just one of the many therapy dogs who spent time with……

Ya like jazz? The Bee Movie brings bigger issues to light

Barry B. Benson is someone we could all learn a thing or two from. That name ring a bell? It should. Remember the small bee who longed for a bigger, better life outside of stirring honey? The one who aspired to break free from the hive and halt the production of honey? I do. The……

News Brief — Idaho football player arrested for a DUI

A member of the Idaho football team was arrested for a DUI, possession of drug paraphernalia and open container around 3 a.m. Monday, according to the Idaho repository. Jante Boston, 20-year-old wide receiver, was taken into custody on suspicion of drunk driving, said Lieutenant Brannon Jordan of Latah County Sheriff Office. Boston pleaded not guilty……

Beware of the boos — Safety precautions for Halloween holiday

With October comes fall, pumpkins and changing leaves, and, as the air begins to cool and Halloween approaches, there is also potential for danger. At the University of Idaho, students are encouraged to take extra safety precautions on Halloween as it relates to walking around campus at night and alcohol consumption.

The world of motherhood — A look at the greatest Disney moms

When someone thinks about Disney moms, they might think about the devastating death of Bambi’s mom, or how Disney characters rarely have any moms at all. From Cinderella to Ariel, it’s common for these characters to lack a mother figure. But, there are a select few Disney stars who deserve credit for their important mother……