| 03.21.2018

Tapping into Tapped — Tapped is the perfect place to spend an evening eating and drinking with friends


Moscow is known for a plethora of shops and restaurants to spend the weekend perusing and eating.

The abundance of options in Moscow can make it difficult to pick a favorite place, but one restaurant in particular stands out the most.

Tapped-Taphouse and Kitchen stands out among the rest of the competition for its delicious food, laid back vibe and menu variety.

Tapped is a typical all-American gastropub that puts an interesting twist on each dish.

There is something for every palate. The food selection is large enough for variety, but not too extensive that diners must keep asking for an extra five minutes from their waiter to study the menu.

Sometimes, just going for appetizers and a drink or two is the best way to spend an evening, and Tapped is perfect for that.

The bacon-wrapped date appetizer may sound a little funky, but everything is better with bacon. This dish has become a favorite of mine at all restaurants now, but none do it quite as well as Tapped.

For an appetizer that isn’t quite as out of the box, the sourdough pretzels with garlic beer cheese sauce are a must-have. The salty pretzels mixed with the deliciously cheesy sauce really makes an award-winning flavor combination.

Idaho hush puppies, a potato fritter, a buffalo chicken dip and an assortment of house-made pickles are also great picks on the appetizer list.

Although Tapped is a great spot to try an array of appetizers and leave it at that, the main dishes are too tempting not to try.

Sandwiches sometimes taste drab and overdone, but the ham and cheddar sandwich at Tapped brings a whole new meaning to the original ham and cheese sandwich. It’s a simple sandwich with a twist. Comprised of applewood ham, Cougar Gold cheddar and an amazing apple aioli, this dish is savory and sweet.

Another favorite of mine is the “engineer burger,” which has all the usual delicious burger ingredients. Although it is a simple burger, there is nothing average about its flavor.

For a dish that also carries a little twist, the chicken naan is delicious. It is fluffy and flavorful. The savory grilled chicken and pomegranate barbecue sauce, topped with cilantro and mint add another layer of great flavor to this fun dish.

As an under-21-year-old, I haven’t yet been able to enjoy the many options on tap, at Tapped. But, if Tapped has shown me anything so far, it is that almost everything there is amazing. With 25 regional craft beers and 10 wines available at all times, I’m sure there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The best aspect of Tapped is that it is friendly to all ages. Whether it is dining with family, a group of friends or a date, the atmosphere of Tapped caters to everything and everyone.

The restaurant itself feels contemporary and new, but gives off a homey and inviting vibe.

With a fresh and local vibe and flavor, Tapped is the best way to spend an evening eating, drinking and enjoying Downtown Moscow.

Hailey Stewart can be reached at arg-arts@uidaho.edu or on Twitter at @Hailey_ann97



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