The most anticipated video games of 2016


A new year means a number of new game releases. Summer is right around the corner and it also happens to be the perfect time to try out this year”s best releases.


Developer Blizzard Entertainment also gave us “World of Warcraft”– and that”s all the reason you need to check out their new shooter when it launches on May 24. That and the incredibly stylish design, fun characters and amazing animated shorts that will make you long for an “Overwatch” movie.

Bradley Burgess Rawr

Bradley Burgess

“Horizon: Zero Dawn”

It”s going to be a good year for PlayStation owners, as this PS4 exclusive has players take on robot dinosaurs with a bow and arrow. Again, what more needs to be said?

“No Man”s Sky”

Speaking of the PS4, gamers are chomping at the bit to dive into this game, as it features an infinite universe of 18 quintillion planets to explore and conquer. Add to that gorgeous visuals and a soundtrack by the band 65daysofstatic, and this game should be a huge hit.

“Sea of Thieves”

Xbox One owners should take a look at this exclusive from famed developer Rare, as it has players take on the high seas as a pirate, join a ship with other players and of course, find treasure. Arrr mateys. Sign me up.


Little is known about this Xbox One exclusive other than a cool trailer featuring a robot dog paired up with a teenage girl as they hunt across the desert for robot”s cores. Definitely one to keep our eyes on.

“The Last Guardian”

Another PS4 exclusive, this one was announced in 2009 and almost didn”t see the light of day. Now that it”s coming out, everyone can”t wait to play as a little boy and his strange, bird-like companion.


An indie game side-scroller done in the style of 1920s cartoons? An interesting idea makes for fun gameplay and a game all Xbox One gamers should check out.

“Crackdown 3″

This newest installment in the shooter franchise not only looks like fun, but claims to use up to twenty times the current computing power of the Xbox One. If that isn”t an intriguing proposition for gamers, what is?

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