Bradley Burgess

Watch what you want — Choices in entertainment have evolved

It’s hard to remember a time without Netflix. Streaming sites have been churning out fantastic shows that rival Hollywood productions for years now, to the point that Netflix is now a verb. With the colossal variation in TV shows nowadays, a brand new television experience has been created — one that is driven completely by……

Topical TV — TV dramas deal with real world problems

Netflix, Hulu and Amazon have made millions of hours of television available to subscribers and the population is taking advantage of the opportunity. With this new method of consumption, more and more TV shows, whether on air or online, are tackling complex subject matter to stay relevant, but reflect the troubling times the world is……

Getting down and nerdy — Nerdology touring event comes to campus

Vandal Entertainment brought the popular touring trivia event Nerdology to the Vandal Ballroom for a night of games, trivia and prizes from the Vandal Store Thursday. The event, hosted by Byron Kennerly and Matt Gerard, engaged the crowd with pop culture trivia and quiz challenges, such as naming all of the core classes in “Harry……

Post-election, no problem

The 2016 presidential election has been stressful for all involved. But now that it’s over, stress, anxiety and fear over the election of Donald Trump have skyrocketed. Tears are being shed, protests are being organized and countless online posts are expressing deep regret and sorrow over the results. But not every American is drowning in……

Tasting Thursdays — Moscow Co-op presents Tasteful Thursdays

The Moscow Food Co-op is known for presenting students and the community with unique and healthy alternatives to their normal diets. Now, it is showing its flavorful options off to the entire city. On Thursday nights, the co-op hosts Tasteful Thursdays, a weekly event that showcases the best the co-op has to offer. This free……

Strangly befitting Marvel

With the world’s most successful film franchise under its belt in the form of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Studios is admirably open to taking some risks. “Doctor Strange” is an origin story of a magical world that feels less like a superhero movie and more like “The Matrix.”

Parody and politics

During any election year, news coverage of the presidential race goes into overdrive. CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and all the major news networks go the extra mile to make sure that America is informed about the facts of the world and every minute of information about our next president, whoever that may be. But beyond……

The price of stardom

“Don’t Think Twice” follows a popular improvisation comedy troupe called The Commune, consisting of Jack, played by Keegan Michael-Key, Samantha played by, Gillian Jacobs, Miles played by Mike Birbiglia, Allison played by Kate Micucci, Lindsay played by Tami Sagher and Bill played by Chris Gethard. The group performs improv comedy at the famous Improv America……

Go Go power skepticism

Anyone who grew up in the ’90s knew “Power Rangers.” Five teenagers of diverse backgrounds suited up in brightly colored spandex and team up to save the world from evil monsters. As silly as it sounded, it was awesome, and it created a loyal fan base that, 23 years later, is still going strong. So,……

Heroes never get old – Comic book films dominate pop culture

Superheroes have been around since the 1930s. Superman’s introduction to the world in “Action Comics No. 1” in 1938 sparked a revolution of superheroes that ever since, has expanded exponentially with Spider-Man, Batman, The Avengers, The Flash and countless more. But now in Hollywood, superheroes have seen resurgence in mainstream media. Comic Book movies are……

The most anticipated video games of 2016

A new year means a number of new game releases. Summer is right around the corner and it also happens to be the perfect time to try out this year”s best releases. “Overwatch” Developer Blizzard Entertainment also gave us “World of Warcraft”– and that”s all the reason you need to check out their new shooter……