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Every famous actor had to start somewhere. No one becomes a megastar overnight. Sometimes, major Hollywood stars have very humble beginnings. Here”s a few.

“Hard Candy”

Future “Juno” Ellen Page broke out in this controversial thriller about a teenager who tries to expose a man as a pedophile. Taut, nail biting and featuring a killer performance from Page, this shocker is not for the faint of heart.

Bradley Burgess Rawr

Bradley Burgess


Say what you will about Shia LaBeouf nowadays, but one of his earliest films, an adaptation of the beloved children”s novel about boys digging holes in the desert, was an auspicious debut. So much so, that Steven Spielberg cited the film as his inspiration to cast Shia in “Indiana Jones.”

“The Mask”

Before becoming a Charlie”s Angel, Cameron Diaz debuted in this wacky comedy about a bank clerk who is transformed into a cartoon vengeance machine. Featuring crazy sight gags and groundbreaking effects, this is one must see for any Diaz fan.

“Finding Neverland”

You may know Freddie Highmore as the creepy Norman Bates on “Bates Motel,” but did you know he once starred in this moving tale of the family that inspired “Peter Pan?” If not, go see this film. If you did, “Bates Motel” is forever ruined for you.

“Living In Oblivion”

This indie hit about a hellish short film shoot featured a cameo from future “Game of Thrones” star Peter Dinklage. And if you thought he would finally crack a smile, guess again.

“Treasure Planet”

He may not be seen in this sci-fi odyssey from Disney, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt voiced the hero who goes on an epic quest to find Treasure Planet before he became a megastar.


This family friendly film about a board game that sends a house into outer space features two future stars: Josh Hutcherson from “The Hunger Games” and Kristen Stewart from “Twilight.” So if you ever wanted to see those two franchises face off, this is the closest you”ll ever get.

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