| 03.19.2018

Why is this movie good?


Suspension of disbelief is everything in today”s world. With so many crazy blockbusters coming out, there are some ideas that in any other world would be stupid. But some films can pull off bizarre plots. Here are a few.

“The Lord of the Rings”

This epic saga has won almost every Oscar you can think of. But the plot, if you think about it, is stupid. A magic ring must be destroyed to save the world and the only one who can is a little person with hairy feet. And yet, this is one of the best film franchises of all time.

Bradley Burgess


Superhero origin stories stretch science to the limit. This time around, there”s a radioactive spider that gives a nerd superpowers. Somehow, this results in one of the most famous comic book heroes of all time.

“Thank You for Smoking”

A comedy with tons of great actors would be a must see in any other world. But this one promotes smoking and says it”s the coolest thing on the block. Nonetheless, it was a huge hit that launched several careers.

“12 Angry Men”

All set in one room and only starring 12 men, this minimalist film is on many best films lists, but the entire film is 12 guys talking. That said, it”s expertly directed and well done across the board.

“The Ruins”

Horror films often come up with stupid ideas. In this case, killer plants terrorize college students. But it”s actually scary because these plants tear people apart and drive them to murder. Not so silly now.


Who thought, “Let”s make a movie about a convenience store?” Kevin Smith did and it turned out to be such a hit, it inspired several sequels and spinoffs.

“Death Proof”

Quentin Tarantino”s grindhouse flick features women talking, more women talking and Kurt Russell trying to kill them with cars. How this turned out to be an entertaining and crazy film, we”ll never know.

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