| 03.17.2018

Mix tape: What”s in a name?


For any music lover, the title of a song is everything. It gets you hooked, reels you in and tells you about the song. Some artists use their song titles to tell you something about themselves and the song. Here are some examples.

Bradley Burgess Argonaut

Bradley Burgess

“I”d Hate to Be You When People Find Out What This Song”s About” by Mayday Parade

This slow jam from punk rock outfit Mayday Parade is fun and jam worthy, but all that would mean nothing without it”s killer, confessional title that tells you there”s something going on beneath the surface of this song.

“Seventeen Ain”t So Sweet” by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

A killer rock anthem by a band that knows how to do it, this cool and catchy track sings about the woes of teenagers and proclaims so in its super cool title.

“If There”s a Rocket Tie Me To It” by Snow Patrol

The Irish group”s opener to their album “A Hundred Million Suns” starts in a dreamlike state before accelerating into a soaring stadium jam that should uplift anyone”s spirits.

“The Protagonist Suddenly Realizes What He Must Do In The Middle of Downtown Traffic” by The Most Serene Republic

Featuring probably the longest title ever, this indie groove is a must for lovers of ethereal vocals and chaotic drumming. And let”s be honest, you would never know about it if it weren”t for the title.

“A Song for Everyone” by Fenix TX

This punk rock treasure lives up to its name, as this super fast adventure theme song is for, you guessed it, everyone. All they want to know is do you want to come with them.

“I Put the “Metro” In Metronome” by Cute Is What We Aim For

It would be enough to be satisfied with this song”s clever title wordplay, but that wasn”t enough for this awesome band. They had to deliver a killer punk song and put it behind a title that gets everyone smiling.

“Delirium” by Motion City Soundtrack

The title alone doesn”t scream clever right off the bat, but listening to the song explains it: “Delirium” warns you ahead of time that this is a rant of nonsense and chaos from one drugged up man.

Bradley Burges can be reached at arg-arts@uidaho.edu

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