| 03.20.2018

A little time, a lot of love – UI student Madi Hull balances life as a student, mother and partner


Between classes and work, most students find that college is one big balancing act and University of Idaho student, Madi Hull, has more to balance than most.

When Hull, an English major with an emphasis in creative writing, isn”t attending classes or teaching at Nourish Yoga in downtown Moscow, she”s taking care of her son, Holocene.

“It”s really complicated,” Hull said. “When everyone does their homework at night I”m trying to feed someone, pick up the house, put him to bed without falling asleep myself, which is probably the worst part.”

Alex Brizee | Rawr
University of Idaho junior and creative writing major Madi Hull plays with her son Holocene at Nourish Yoga.

Despite her busy schedule, Hull said she has always wanted to be a mother and is not only happy that her son is in her life, but also that she had him while she was still young.

“I always wanted to be a mom,” Hull said. “While I was a teenager I was really excited about it and then I just want to have a kid when I”m really young because I want to be super active.”

While Hull keeps a tightly packed schedule, she said her partner, Ryan Hayes, helps her balance her life as a student and a mother by bringing their son to campus, as she”s still breastfeeding.

Hull said she met Hayes, a Vandal alum who studied biology, psychology and anthropology, when she worked at The Bagel Shop and One World Cafe.

“We went on a date … and just hung out after that and we really got along really well,” Hull said. “We went on a couple dates after that, soon after that we were together.”

Hull said the decision to have a baby was an easy one, as they both wanted children together.

Aside from the first few months of pregnancy, Hull said their journey as parents has been a relatively smooth one.

“I mean, my first trimester I was super grumpy and hormonal, but besides that we”ve been pretty great together. He”s been really sweet,” Hull said.

Hull, who had a natural birth at a birthing center, said Hayes has been a supportive and encouraging partner.

“That night Holo was born at like one in the morning and (Ryan) was walking around the room with Holo,” Hull said. “We were trying to learn to breastfeed and he was really supportive right then.”

Hayes works as a bartender at Tapped and said he is amazed by Hull”s ability to keep so much on her plate all at once.

“I don”t really feel like she needs support, she”s kind of a kickass mom all by herself,” Hayes said. “I work to pay the bills, but she rocks all by herself. She does good in school, (she”s) a great writer and now she”s taking on the journey of being a yoga teacher.”

In addition to providing an opportunity for exercise and meditation, Hull said she enjoys her yoga practice because it helps her relax and take her mind off of the chaos of daily life.

Hull said although having such a busy schedule can be disorienting, when it comes to her son, she never forgets a thing.

“Honestly, my other things in life I kind of forget about,” Hull said. “I”m extremely forgetful now with everything else, but with him, if something is wrong I know it.”

While Hull has pursued many areas of study, she said she”s found her true passion in writing.

“I”ve done music, I”ve done psychology, I”ve done biology, or I”ve tried, and at the end of each semester I didn”t like it,” Hull said. “But I always took a creative writing class because I liked them and so at the end of last semester, it was awesome I was really excited to continue with it.”

Hull said she plans on taking a couple years off after graduation before going back to school for her MFA because she wants to work with Holocene when he is at an age where he can work and study.

Even though being a student, a yoga teacher and a mother can be demanding, Hull said she”s happy, and has become an expert multi-tasker.

“It”s tough sometimes,” Hull said. “I walk around my apartment reading Shakespeare and wearing (Holocene) or reading my essays.”

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