| 03.24.2018

Mix tape: Pop covers that go hard


For pop lovers looking for an angrier approach to their favorite club jams, and hard rockers looking to straddle the line between mainstream and hardcore, this mix is a good place to start.

“Hello” – Leo

This song kicks off the mix tape because it exemplifies everything a rock cover should be: The same song, but with a new personality. Suggested by my rock-loving boyfriend and shockingly great, this one-man-band”s cover of Adele”s ballad is both hardcore and a little quirky – just watch the video.

Lyndsie Kiebert

“Apologize” – Silverstein

Step aside OneRepublic. These punk rockers don”t just smother this 2007 hit – they master it. After a few listens it”s easy to forget that the original didn”t have the same raw disdain toward any possibility of forgiveness.

“Lollipop” – Framing Hanley

The sex-crazed nature of the original song is not lost on the rockers of Framing Hanley (Lil Wayne would be proud) and the result is absolutely addictive. Lovely lady lumps and all, this version is killer.

“Since You Been Gone” – A Day To Remember

ADTR rarely disappoints, and this hyper-aggressive version of Kelly Clarkson”s “screw-you-I”m-over-it” break-up song is no exception. Jeremy McKinnon”s strong vocals combined with the band”s signature sparse screams kick Clarkson”s original message up a notch.

“Till the World Ends” – I See Stars

This one is for the double-base junkies who might also have a soft spot for Britney. The vocals aren”t overpowering right off the bat, and then “¦ well, just give it a chance.

“Little Lion Man” – Tonight Alive

Who knew Mumford”s banjo-jamming hit would lend itself so well to a little punk rock rendition? Jenna McDougall”s vocals give the lyrics new life, and the guitar riffs are mind blowing.

“Dirty Diana” – Shaman”s Harvest

These hard rockers propel Michael Jackson”s story of a seductive mistress into a new dimension of angst and emotional turmoil. Again, this might be technically the same track, but the beauty is in the song”s new personality. Somehow, Shaman”s Harvest made Diana even dirtier.

Lyndsie Kiebert can be reached at arg-arts@uidaho.edu  or on Twitter @lyndsie_kiebert

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