| 03.21.2018

The age of ambitious pop — Ellie Goulding’s “Delirium” is a success


Hailey Stewart | Rawr

Ellie Goulding is certainly not new to the music scene. Now a seasoned veteran with several Top 40 hits like “Lights” and “Anything Could Happen,” Goulding has been churning out songs and albums that keep listeners bouncing their heads and throwing their hands up in excitement.

A mix of several sounds, it is hard to pinpoint the main genre of Golding’s past tracks. Although her music is still versatile with subtle electro-pop and indie dance vibes, her latest album is most definitely an ambitious pop album.rawrR3

Goulding’s third album, “Delirium,” released on Nov. 6, is already generating a lot of attention as one of the best pop albums of the fall.

Hearing about a new pop album amidst the many others released every year can seem a bit repetitive for avid music listeners. Although artists like Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande might seem to dominate the genre, the songs showcased in “Delirium” prove how much of a contender Goulding is in the world of pop.

Sixteen songs on the standard edition of the album and 23 on the deluxe edition add up to a full 90 minutes of addictive music. A good portion of “Delirium” is directed toward deep and sultry sounds, while the other half holds the explosive vocals and instrumentals that fans have come to know and love from Ellie Goulding.

Over the summer, the successful song, “Love Me Like You Do” was released as a single to promote Goulding’s upcoming album. The track was an early summer hit, and it gave some insight into the new sound of the album.

“Delirium’s” opening track, “Intro,” is a mixture of soft instrumentals paired with Goulding’s strong opera-like voice. This short song sets the tone for the rest of the album — powerful, compelling and unforgettable.

“Keep On Dancing” and “Something In The Way You Move” definitely bring back the Ellie Goulding that captured us with her electro-pop voice, complimented by techno background music.

“Don’t Panic” layers a current pop sound over a slight ‘80s vibe in the chorus. It wouldn’t be an Ellie Goulding album unless a mixture of sounds and voices were combined to create an intense song, which is exactly what happens in “Holding On For Life.”

“Delirium,” with its deep, catchy lyrics and energetic vibes, gives off a feeling that brings you back to the warmth of summer — even in the middle of fall. The entire album carries tracks that hold onto you and won’t let you press pause until the last song is played.

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