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The “90s are all that – A throwback to the best Nickelodeon TV shows from the end of a century


In the “90s, Nickelodeon was the network for kids. Forget Disney or Cartoon Network –    Nick was the place to be. The network created so many great children”s shows that people remember fondly to this day. Some even devote entire websites to flashing back to these awesome shows. Here”s a rundown of some of the best.

“All That”

Essentially “Saturday Night Live” for kids, this 10-year odyssey of kid friendly comedy not only entertained with sketches like Good Burger, Vital Information and Loud Librarian, but also gave birth to future “SNL” star Kenan Thompson. It”s a classic series that deserves more attention.

Bradley Burgess

“Kenan and Kel”

Speaking of Kenan, he and Kel Mitchell ultimately made a spinoff series about them taking on the relevant issues of the day – all while guzzling orange soda. This is classic Nickelodeon at its finest, and is not one to miss.

“The Wild Thornberrys”

Recently released on DVD, this great show about a girl who can talk to animals is still loved by kids and older fans. With timeless characters, funny jokes and education about the animal kingdom, every episode is a fun ride.


Every kid dreamed of conquering a Nickelodeon game show, and “GUTS” was the ultimate fantasy. With fun challenges every week all leading up to the epic Aggro Cragg, this series made kids go “Whoa!” every time.

“Rocket Power”

The “90s were all about extreme sports, so why not make a cartoon about kids skating and surfing? Otto, Reggie, Sam and Twister were the coolest kids on the block back then and are still entertaining to this day.

“Hey Arnold”

A kid whose head is shaped like a football may not scream “good show,” but this comedy about the trials and tribulations of Arnold and company is still relevant and funny after all these years.

“Legends of the Hidden Temple”

Modeled after the “Indiana Jones” films, this awesome game show pitted kids against traps, labyrinths and hidden treasures and it couldn”t have been more fun.

“Are You Afraid of the Dark?”

This horror anthology featured the Midnight Society telling scary stories around a campfire week after week and it was a scary good time.

Bradley Burgess can be reached at  arg-arts@uidaho.edu

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