| 03.17.2018

Think globally for Earth Week


Simple changes can help students make a big impact

There’s no doubt taking care of our planet is important.

As students living in small spaces, simple things like recycling are sometimes forgotten.

With Earth Day on Wednesday, it’s a good time for students to recognize the different ways they can live a more sustainable life.

While many of the things we can do to reduce our individual carbon footprints are things we’ve all heard before, it doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves of the small things we can do every day to help the planet.

To help do their part, students should invest in things that will out last regular wear and tear.


For a full list of Earth Week

events, visit the Sustainability Center’s website


Instead of using plastic water bottles, buy a reusable one. The initial investment will pay for itself when you stop purchasing bottled water every week. Sure, it might add up to a few more dishes, but students will save in the long run.

Living in the U.S. we are fortunate to have access to clean water, which is a luxury in other parts of the world. Since most of us have safe water flowing from our sinks, it only makes sense to use this water, instead of relying on someone else to package water on par with what we already have.

If you bring your own lunch to campus, pack it in reusable containers. Glass containers are heavier, but provide the durability plastic doesn’t. Plus, glass containers won’t stain and age as you fill them with different meals.

If you spend the increasingly warmer spring days drinking beer on your lawn, pick up the empty cans or bottles and recycle them.

Students can also take advantage of Moscow Recycling’s aluminum can payback day this Saturday. You can make 45 cents per pound of cans you bring in. If you have a collection accumulating, this is worth the effort.

There’s also a free shredding event Saturday that’s perfect for old schoolwork and personal papers.

When it comes to recycling, hoarding recyclables until they can be properly disposed of is a positive thing. If your living situation doesn’t provide an extensive recycling program, label bins for yourself and take them to the Moscow Recycling Center when you have time.

The University of Idaho’s Sustainability Center has also been hosting eco-friendly events for Earth Fest during the entire month of April. If you haven’t attended an event yet, make time to participate.

There is a cleanup of Friendship Square Friday, free bike repairs Wednesday and the Moscow Race For Action Saturday. These events are an easy way to help make a difference without sacrificing the convenience of plastic.

Taking steps to help create less of an impact on the Earth has to be a conscientious, year-round effort. So, the next time an opportunity comes around to participate in a clean up or to plant trees around campus, take it.

In the meantime, take simple steps to reduce your impact and utilize the recycling systems in place on campus and in Moscow.

And unless you’re holding onto it for a memento, don’t forget to recycle The Argonaut if you picked up a print copy. We’re recyclable, so throwing the paper on the ground, or even into the trash, isn’t the way to go.

— KH

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