| 03.24.2018

Off the cuff



Get well soon! The newsroom is not the same without you rapping along to classic hip-hop songs.



My wallet seems so small and pathetic after spending last weekend getting treated to free food, courtesy of my lovely mother. Why do we have to try and be actual adults again? It’s so expensive.


The Hole, finale

The Bird and the people, his brain and their feelings, neither of them is right. Turns out the truth is in the dirt: hiding in plain sight.


Finding art

With the sun out and spring sinking its teeth into the Palouse, I am getting jittery to start creating art again. I want to paint and draw and write in the sun. The creative juices are flowing.



It’s too beautiful to be cooped up inside but there’s too much to do to not be. Can we move the office outside, boss?


The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

As much as I don’t want to see the film, hearing the classic theme music in a major motion picture would be worth the price of a ticket. It would be especially cool to hear Lalo Schifrin’s arrangement, but I doubt that will happen.



Buffalo Wild Wings, Moscow needs you. Please hurry up on that construction. I dream of the day I’m eating a large amount of your wings, drinking a cold one and watching some Mariners baseball.


Get well

Our annual April editor emergency is upon us. Get better soon Amber!


Rain Rain

Thanks for staying away. Don’t ever come back another day … unless it’s to California because they need your magical hydrating powers. Wait, is that not how the song goes?


Technology is amazing

Thanks to Facebook, I just reconnected with someone I haven’t talked to since 10th grade. Unsurprisingly, she’s changed a lot in the last eight years.


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