| 03.17.2018

Campus Tips


Tricks for surviving life as a college student

Best deal

The cheapest meal from Starbucks: a banana and a bagel. It’s a good option for people looking for some quick food.

New Arb

Now that the weather has warmed up, the New University of Idaho Arboretum is the best place to have a picnic or take a walk with a special someone.

Figure it out

If you are moving out of an apartment, figure out what to do with your stuff. Sell it, give it away or find a dump yard. Come graduation weekend, dumpsters will be full of microwaves and toasters while alleyways will be cluttered with forgotten couches and chairs. Don’t be the person that leaves a mess in the neighborhood before skipping town.

On the other hand

Finals week is the best time to score cheap, sometimes free, home appliances and furniture. If there is one time of the year to go dumpster diving, the Monday after graduation weekend would be it. Eventually, people will leave perfectly good stuff laying around, anything from couches to TVs.

If you’re on the run

While the coffee at the Vandal Express in the Idaho Commons offers cheap coffee, they do not take flex dollars. Students with meal plans — fair warning.

Good stuff

Most parking lots on campus are free to park in after 5 p.m. without a permit. But be careful, some lots are reserved around the clock.

Lock it up

Moscow is a safe place. But petty car thefts are among the most common crimes. So, when parking the car make sure to lock up and put valuables out of sight. Nothing can ruin a week faster than a smashed out car window.

Moscow library

UI library system is great. But if students are looking for something different, they can sign up for a free library card from the Moscow Public Library. While UI’s library might have lots of textbooks, the Moscow library has a great fiction selection

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